Rigid & Flexible PVC

Drain tubing

Drain Tubing

Product Description

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a cost-effective solution that can be combined with a broad range of additives for performance versatility. PVC can be used in a wide range of applications including clear OD/ID tubing for gas furnaces, extrusion profiles for window and door frames, co-extrusions for metal enclosures and a variety of other applications. PVC offers:

  • Excellence in resistance, chemical resistance and weatherability
  • Easy tinting/coloring
  • Wide ranges of hardness/durometer
  • Flexibility for use in extruded seals, PVC tubing and hoses, food packaging and in many durable goods applications
  • Ability to co-extrude rigid and flexible PVC for sealing solutions

PVC Properties

Physical Properties  
Tensile Strength 2.60 N/mm2
Notched Impact Strength 2.0-45 Kj/m2
Thermal Coefficient of expansion 80 x 10-6
Max Continual Use Temp. 60°C
Density 1.38 g/cm3
Resistance to Chemicals  
Dilute Acid Very Good
Dilute Alkalis Very Good
Oils and Greases Good (variable)
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons Very Good
Aromatic Hydrocarbons Poor
Halogenated Hydrocarbons Moderate (variable)
Alcohols Good (variable)

What is PVC?

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a thermoplastic material — it can be melted repeatedly at certain temperatures and will harden upon cooling. Its diverse properties allow PVC to be used in a variety of applications such as:

A number of additives can be introduced into PVC compounds to achieve a number of different properties — some examples include:

Additives Properties Achieved
Anti-oxidants & other stabilizers Slow down the rate at which the polymer will be degraded by oxygen, heat, visible light or UV radiation
Compatibilizers Enable PVC to be mixed with other plastics and helps plastic recycling
Flame retardants Reduce flammability of plastic
Pigments Add color to plastic
Plasticizers To produce flexible and manageable plastic
Impact modifiers To absorb shock without damage
Fillers Inexpensive, inert materials that simply add bulk to the plastic

Advantages of PVC

Market Applications

PVC is strong, lightweight, durable and versatile, making it a perfect material for use in window profiles. Its inherent flame retardant and electrical insulation properties also make PVC ideal for cabling applications.

PVC has also been used in the medical sector for surgical equipment, pharmaceuticals, drug delivery and medical packaging. The chemical stability, resistance and bio-compatibility make PVC an attractive material for use in the medical sector.

PVC is also used in many automotive rubber applications including: