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EPDM Rubber Applications

EPDM's properties allow it to be a widely used, highly versatile, synthetic rubber in both specialty and general purpose applications.

Since EPDM rubber can be processed to meet a number of different requirements, it has been adopted by many industries for a number of static and dynamic applications including:


  • Compressor Grommets
  • Mandrel formed drain tubes
  • Pressure switch tubing
  • Panel gaskets and seals


  • Weather stripping and seals
  • Wire and cable harnesses
  • Window spacers
  • Hydraulic brake systems
  • Door, window and trunk seals


  • Water system O-rings and hoses
  • Tubing, grommets, and belts
  • Electrical insulations and stinger covers


EPDM should not be used where continual contact with petroleum based products is required. EPDM is not recommended for usage in food applications or those that expose it to aromatic hydrocarbons.

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