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Neoprene Benefits & Advantages

Neoprene is a multipurpose elastomer due to its balance of inherent properties. It was originally used as an oil-resistant replacement for natural rubber.

The benefits and advantages of using neoprene are its

  • Outstanding physical toughness
  • Resistance to heat and hydrocarbon oils
  • Resistance to the degradation effects of sun, ozone and weather
  • Wider short and long-term operating temperature range than other general-purpose hydrocarbon elastomers
  • Better flame retardant/self-extinguishing characteristics than exclusively hydrocarbon-based elastomers
  • Outstanding resistance to damage caused by twisting and flexing
  • Compoundability: Neoprene's polymer structure can be modified to create a material compound with a wide range of chemical and physical properties

Given neoprene's excellent balance of properties, it remains a material of choice for many automotive and mass transit applications.

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