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Viton® Rubber Applications

Viton's® performance reliability under extreme exposure conditions makes it an attractive material to use in many demanding applications, such as the aerospace and aircraft service industries. Viton® is also the polymer of choice for many of today's advanced fuel and engine systems.

For example, Viton® O-rings with a service temp. of -45°C to +275°C will also resist the effects of thermal cycling, which are encountered during the rapid ascent and descent of aircraft from the stratosphere.

Viton's® effectiveness to perform against extremes of heat, chemicals, and fuel mixtures allows it to be used for:

  • fuel seals
  • quick-connect O-rings
  • head & intake manifold gaskets
  • fuel injection seals
  • advanced fuel hose components

Examples of applications and industries where Viton® is used include:

Aerospace & Aircraft Industry

The high performance properties of Viton® can be seen in many aircraft components including:

  • Radial lip seals used in pumps
  • Manifold gaskets
  • Cap-seals
  • T-Seals
  • O-rings used in line fittings, connectors, valves, pumps, and oil reservoirs
  • Siphon hoses

Automotive Industry

Viton® has oil resistant properties that make it the perfect under-hood material. Viton® is used for:

  • Gaskets
  • Seals
  • O-rings

Food Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

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Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers.