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Viton® Rubber Properties

Common Names: Viton®, Fluro Elastomer, FKM

ASTM D-2000 Classification: HK
Chemical Definition: Fluorinated Hydrocarbon

General Characteristics

Aging Weather/ Sunlight: Excellent
Adhesion to Metals: Good


Abrasion Resistance: Good
Tear Resistance: Good
Solvent Resistance: Excellent
Oil Resistance: Excellent

Temperature Range

Low Temperature Usage: 10°F to -10°F | -12°C to -23°C
High Temperature Usage: 400°F to 600°F | 204°C to 315°C

Additional Properties

Durometer Range (Shore A): 60-90
Tensile Range (P.S.I): 500-2000
Elongation (Max %): 300
Compression Set: Good
Resilience/ Rebound: Fair

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Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers.