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Customer Satisfaction Responses / Testimonials

When asked “Why do you do business with Timco?” some of our customers responded in saying:

“I really am enjoying working with you and Timco on this project! You have been the most helpful and motivated vendor that I have ever worked with on a project, and I really appreciate it!”
“Competitive price on parts, on time delivery and good quality”
“Quality, delivery and price”
“Reliability and integrity”
“They have been a good supplier over the years. They have reacted to sudden changes in demand, design and processes. Price competitive”
“Quality products, good history, well known company”
“Quick response to concerns, on time deliveries, usually good quality, and fair costing”
“Since I've been here we've been purchasing more — they came through with cost savings a couple of years ago”
“Started working with them in 1997 and they've had good service and good quality”

When asked if they were likely to refer Timco to a colleague, 81% of respondents said they would. When asked why, they answered:

“I have never had any bad experiences with Timco. They have always done what I believe to be their best for us”
“I just recommended Timco to the guy across the hall from me”
“They're very responsive and get back to us. They deliver everything on time, the quality is good and the sales guys are persistent and good to work with. They remind people of what we're supposed to be doing, but not overly aggressive”
“Do a good job working with us and good service — specific examples — They help us with inventory management on-site, respond well to pricing situations and schedule changes”