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Butyl Rubber Products

Butyl rubber is a great option for shock absorption and has exceptionally low gas and moisture permeability and outstanding resistance to heat, aging, weather, ozone, chemical attack, flexing, abrasion, and tearing. It is resistant to phosphate ester based hydraulic fluids, and has excellent electrical insulation performance. Butyl is not recommended for use when in contact with petroleum oils and fluids.


  • Copolymer of isobutylene and a small amount of isoprene
  • Vulcanized
  • Impermeable to most common gasses
  • High damping capabilities


  • Flexibility
  • Air tight and gas impermeable (a property unique to butyl rubbers)
  • Low glass transition temperature
  • Good ozone resistance
  • Displays high damping at ambient temperatures
  • Good weathering, heat, and chemical resistance
  • Good vibration damper
  • Biocompatible
  • Age resistance

Applications utilizing these materials

  • Shock mounts
  • Sealant for rubber roof repair
  • Tubeless tire liners
  • Inner tubes
  • Stoppers for glass bottles, medicine bottles, and pharmaceuticals
  • Used in sealants and adhesives
  • Butyl O Rings
  • Pond Liners
  • Tank Liners
  • Construction sealants, hoses, and mechanical goods

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