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Rubber Resources

Rubber Resources

The staff at Timco Rubber has years of experience in the rubber industry. Based on this expertise, we can help you understand what you need for your specific application. The resources below will help you gain more knowledge about rubber and its many uses.

how to guide

How To Guides

Learn best practices, tips and other techniques to help you effectively select, measure and complete your next rubber project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for an answer to a specific question? Check out our list of FAQs.

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Want to know what our customers think of us? See what our clients are saying here.

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Rubber Extrusion Process

Find out how the rubber extrusion process works.

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Rubber Material

Rubber Material Selection

Not sure which material you need for your custom rubber product? Find out here.

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molded rubber

Rubber Molding Process

Find out about the different types of rubber molding processes.

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molded rubber

Factors Affecting Rubber Tolerances

Find out what factors affect the tolerances of rubber.

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rubber products

Rubber Processing Details

There are many different types of rubber processing, read about them all here.

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rubber metal bonding

Rubber to Metal Bonding

An explanation of the rubber to metal bonding process.

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Polymer Flammability

Find basic information on the flammability and burning behaviors of polymers.

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5 Tips to Effectively Manage an Assembly Team

Timco Rubber experts provide information about how to effectively manage an assembly team.

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7 Tips & Rules to Live By

John Kuzmick, CFO at Timco Rubber, provides tips and rules about running a successful business.

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7 Tips for Managing a Small Business

Bob Kuzmick, CEO at Timco Rubber, provides seven tips on how to run a small business.

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