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Timco Blog

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How Long Does EPDM Last?

Joe Hoffman

EPDM is a versatile, cost-effective material for manufacturing parts, but is it built to last? Find out how long EPDM lasts and what shortens its lifespan.… Read Article

Is TPE Toxic?

Joe Hoffman

TPE is a versatile material, but is it safe for industries with strict toxicity regulations? Find out whether TPE is a safe option for non-toxic parts.… Read Article

Material Comparison: TPE vs. PVC

Joe Hoffman

TPE and PVC are often used to make seals, tubes, and other parts, but which is better? Find out which material is better for your applications.… Read Article

Material Comparison: Viton vs. Nitrile

Joe Hoffman

Viton and Nitrile are two synthetic rubbers used to make a variety of parts for businesses. Find out which material is better suited for your applications.… Read Article