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Custom Rubber Grommets

Timco Rubber Products has been supplying an array of rubber grommets to the HVAC industry, (and other industries), for over 50 years. However, to be specific as to what type of rubber grommet is required for an application, they can be defined as follows:

Panel Grommet

Panel grommets are used in a variety of ways. The most common use is to protect wires when they are passed through an opening in a sheet metal cabinet. Another common use is to protect copper tubing when passing through a sheet metal cabinet offering stability, strength, and protection to the tubing. The groove diameter, (GD), inside diameter, (ID), and groove width (GW) of the panel grommet are typically key dimensions to consider when specifying a size for an application. Please contact a Timco Rubber expert when specifying a panel grommet for your application.

Compressor Grommet

A compressor grommet, or sometimes referred to as a vibration isolator, is another example when using the term “rubber grommet”. The primary use of the compressor grommet is to isolate noise and vibration when a refrigeration compressor is in use. Typical applications are outdoor air conditioning and heat pump units, along with household refrigerators and freezers. Compressor grommets are also used to isolate vibration and noise in pool pumps. The size and hardness, (durometer), of the compressor grommet is dependent upon the size and weight of the refrigeration compressor. Please contact a Timco Rubber expert when specifying a compressor grommet for your application.

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