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Custom Rubber Grommets

Timco Rubber Products has supplied an array of rubber grommets to the HVAC industry and other markets for more than 50 years. We work with our customers to identify which type of rubber grommet is required for their applications and determine the best, most cost-effective part solution for the needs of their application.

Panel Grommets

Panel grommets are used in a variety of ways, such as offering strength, stability, and protection to wires or copper tubing that are passed through sheet metal openings. The groove diameter, (GD), inside diameter, (ID), and groove width (GW) of the panel grommet are typically key dimensions to consider when specifying a size for an application. Our experts can work with you to determine your specific performance and environmental needs and determine whether Nitrile, SBR, or some or rubber solution would be the best option for your rubber panel grommets.

Compressor Grommets

A compressor grommet, sometimes referred to as a vibration isolator, is primarily used to isolate noise and vibration when a refrigeration compressor is in use. Typical applications are outdoor air conditioning and heat pump units, along with household refrigerators and freezers. Compressor grommets are also used to isolate vibration and noise in pool pumps. The size and hardness (durometer) of the compressor grommet is dependent upon the size and weight of the refrigeration compressor. Our experts work with you to uncover any factors that may affect the design of your compressor grommets and can design an EPDM part that will meet both your performance and budgetary needs.

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