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FiberFrax®: Materials Distributor

Insulation, High Temperature Gaskets & More

FiberFrax is an excellent high-temperature gasketing and insulation material for businesses looking for a lower-cost alternative to silicone and ManniGlas. Timco Rubber works with you to design and provide custom FiberFrax parts for your applications.

A High-Temp Gasket Material for Extreme Environments

If you need gaskets and insulation that's made for extreme temperatures, FiberFrax may be the right solution for your parts. FiberFrax is a ceramic fiber paper consisting of randomly oriented ceramic fibers held in place with a latex binder system. These products have an operating temperature limit between 400° F and 2,450° F based on product selection, making FiberFrax an excellent solution when standard solutions like silicone rubber gaskets or other materials aren't enough.

Another advantage of FiberFrax is it's flexibility, both in terms of manufacturing and mechanical properties. Blending different fibers, binders, and additives allows for a variety of FiberFrax paper products. FiberFrax is also easy to wrap, shape, and die cut, making it a possible gasketing and insulating solution for applications with tight fits and complicated designs.

This level of customization allows us to identify and provide FiberFrax parts specifically designed with your performance and budgetary needs in mind. Our experts work with you to identify the best, most cost-effective part solution for your applications. Work with Timco today to have our team provide custom FiberFrax gaskets and other parts for your exact business needs.

FiberFrax Properties

  • Temperature Range
    • Low Temperature Usage: 400° F
    • High Temperature Usage: Up to 1,200° F (2,450° F with special additives)
  • General Characteristics
    • Flame Rating: UL 94V-O

FiberFrax Applications

  • HVAC
    • Burner box gasket
  • Appliance
    • Stove top range gasket
  • Lighting
    • High-temperature gasket

FiberFrax Benefits and Advantages

  • High temperature stability
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Low heat storage
  • Weight reduction
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • High heat resistance
  • Easy to wrap, shape, or cut

Interested in Fiberfrax Ceramic Fiber Gaskets?

When you need high-temp gaskets for extreme environments, we can help. Call us at 1-888-754-5136 or request a quote today. Our team of experts is available to help answer any questions you have along the way.

Not sure which material you need for your custom rubber product?

Timco works with a wide range of rubber and plastic materials to provide custom part solutions for your business. Timco can work with you to identify the perfect material for your performance needs and budget.

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