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Timprene Rubber: Condensate Drain Lines and More

When you need a custom rubber compound for HVAC applications, Timprene can be the perfect material. Timprene is a natural fit for the harsh environments found in the HVAC industry. Timco Rubber works with companies to provide custom Timprene condensate tubing and other parts for HVAC systems.

Timprene Rubber: A Custom Material for HVAC Drain Lines and Other Applications

When clients needed a better material solution, Timco Rubber accepted the challenge. The resulting efforts resulted in Timco pioneering the latest custom compound in the HVAC industry: Timprene 6504.

Condensate and other harsh substances pose problems for many rubber parts. While these hazards may break down certain materials, Timprene can handle these issues. This elastomeric compound that is highly resistant to acidic environments and ozone at elevated temperatures.

Timprene is formulated to function in the harsh environment of high efficiency, condensing gas furnaces. In addition, this compound is made to be highly flame resistant. Timprene also offers excellent ozone resistance, making it a good choice for outdoor units as well.

Timco designs Timprene parts for businesses in need of premium HVAC condensate drain lines and other applications that require excellent resistances to harsh substances, heat, and the elements. Our team works with you to determine the quality part solutions to address your performance needs and budget.

Timprene Properties image

Timprene Properties

  • Common Name: Timprene 6504
  • Temperature Range
    • Low Temperature Usage:
    • High Temperature Usage:
  • Tensile Strength
    • Tensile Range: 500-2500 P.S.I.
    • Elongation: 600% Maximum
  • Durometer (Hardness) – 65 +/-5
  • Resistances
    • Flue condensate from gas powered furnaces
    • Oil Resistance: Excellent
    • Ozone resistance: Excellent

Timprene Applications

  • HVAC
    • Condensate lines
  • Furnace manufacturing

Timprene Benefits and Advantages image

Timprene Benefits and Advantages

  • High resistance to harsh environments
  • Flame resistance
  • High ozone resistance
  • Long service life (up to 20 years)
  • ASTM D573, GFI Flue Gas Condensate
  • ASTM D-395 Method B Compression Set
  • High Ozone Resistance - No cracks under 4 power magnification
  • UL 94 - 5VA Excluding Glow Requirements

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