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Rubber Capabilities

Custom Rubber Parts, Customized Service

An extensive line of rubber parts and services allows our customers to meet the needs of a variety of markets, all through one leading supplier.

Our rubber product capabilities include:

  • Injection, compression and transfer molding
  • Rubber-bonded-to-metal
  • Custom extruded profiles available in continuous lengths or cut to length
  • Fabricated and die-cut products
  • Lathe cut gaskets and washers
  • Custom-engineered PVC parts for specific applications
  • Sponge rubber

We also offer a variety of secondary processes, including:

  • Mandrel formed tubing
  • Punching
  • Splicing

Want to learn more about our processes? Download our Guide to Rubber Processing Details.

Regardless of the challenge, we offer solutions based on our extensive industry expertise and our unmatched customer service. Our experienced customer service staff works with you to provide the best recommendations and service for any of your applications. This includes assisting with:

  • Material selection
  • Compound development
  • Light assembly
  • Value-added services

Not sure which process you need? Download our PDF Guide to Rubber Molding Processes