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Custom Rubber Products

Custom Rubber Products

Timco Rubber will work with you to develop your custom rubber product that meets your exacting standards and requirements for your unique application. Even if we haven't designed and manufactured the same rubber product before, our team is poised to assist. Our capabilities and experience allow us to provide new and unique custom molded, extruded, or fabricated rubber products for our customers on a regular basis.

We first review all your requirements with you - the material requirements, how the product is used, volume and more. We will provide recommendations based on our decades of industry experience.

We will then custom formulate the compound, work on tooling design and select the proper manufacturing method needed to ensure optimal performance in your application. By working with Timco Rubber, you have access to compounds that will work with your most complicated applications.

Interested in custom rubber products?

Call 1-800-969-6242 or complete our online form to request a quote.

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