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Nitrile Butadiene (NBR) Material Manufacturer

Seals, O-Rings & Gaskets & More

Nitrile rubber – also called nitrile-butadiene rubber NBR rubber, and Buna-N – is a synthetic rubber that provides excellent resistance to petroleum-based oils as well as mineral and vegetable oil. Timco Rubber can work with your business to design and provide nitrile seals, NBR o-rings, and other parts customized for the specific needs of your applications.

Nitrile Rubber: A Material Made for Oil Resistance

Unlike natural rubber and other materials, nitrile gaskets and other parts are more resistant to heat aging. This feature is a key advantage, as it allows nitrile to not harden and lose its damping capability as quickly as natural rubber and other solutions. Nitrile rubber is also a great material choice for applications that require abrasion resistance and metal adhesion.

Due to its versatility and strong resistances, nitrile material is used in applications involving not only oil, fuel, and chemical resistance, but also those that require resistance to heat, abrasion, water, and gas permeability. From oil rigs to bowling alleys, nitrile rubber can be the right material for your application.

Timco works with a wide variety of companies to provide custom molded and die cut nitrile parts with demanding physical properties. Whether you call them Buna-N seals, NBR o-rings, or something else, our team can design and provide the best, most cost-effective custom molded or die cut parts for your applications.

Nitrile Properties image

Nitrile Properties

  • Common Name: Buna-N, Nitrile, NBR
    • ASTM D-2000 Classification: BF, BG, BK
    • Chemical Definition: Butadiene Acrylonitrile
  • Resistance
    • Oil Resistance: Good to Excellent
    • Abrasion Resistance: Excellent
    • Tear Resistance: Good
    • Resistance: Good to Excellent
    • Aging Weather/Sunlight: Poor
  • Tensile Strength
    • Tensile Range (P.S.I): 200-3000
    • Elongation (Max %): 600
  • Temperature Range
    • Low Temperature Usage: -30°F to -40°F | -34°C to -40 °C
    • High Temperature Usage: Up to 250°F | 121°C
  • Durometer (Hardness) – Range: 20-95 Shore A
  • General Characteristics
    • Adhesion to Metals: Good to Excellent
    • Compression Set: Good
    • Resilience/ Rebound: Good

Nitrile Applications image

Nitrile Applications

Automotive Industry

  • Gaskets
  • Seals
  • O-rings
  • Carburetor and fuel pump diaphragms
  • Fuel systems
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Tubing

Bowling Industry

  • Bowling pin setters
  • Roller bumpers
  • Anything that comes into direct contact with lane oil

Oil & Gas Industry

  • Seals
  • Tubing
  • Molded shapes
  • Rubber-to-metal bonded components
  • Connectors
  • (BOP) Blowout preventers
  • Stripper rubber
  • Rotating heads

Nitrile Benefits & Advantages image

Nitrile Benefits & Advantages

  • Resistance to oil and petroleum products
  • Excellent solution for sealing applications
  • Good compression set
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Resistance to higher temperatures
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Resistance to water
  • Resistance to gas permeability
  • Can be compounded for service of temperatures up to 250°F (121°C)

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