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Community Outreach

No company operates alone. Each organization has a responsibility to bring positive, measurable change to both the communities in which they operate and to their business. At Timco Rubber Products, Inc., we are proud to be active, responsible members within the Berea and Northeast Ohio community.

Company Support

A big part of Timco’s dedication to sustainability involves supporting the society around us. As we grow and change, it’s essential to think about the long-term impact of what we do and how we can make a difference to our entire community.

This relationship with our community is why Timco actively supports local organizations through sponsored volunteer initiatives and donations. If we do our part as a company, we can help make a difference. At Timco, we’ve actively worked to support several local groups, including:

Timco employees supporting the Sunburst Gala.

Individual Contributions

Timco’s community support also extends beyond company-wide efforts. We actively support individual volunteering efforts and give employees time off with pay to participate on community projects. Employees also share volunteering experiences at the monthly staff meeting to promote community involvement in the workplace. Timco’s employees support a variety of local organizations, including: