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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Timco Rubber Products, Inc. recognizes the importance of being a sustainable company. In addition to serving our customers, we have a responsibility to have a positive impact on the environment, do good for our community, and contribute to the well-being of our employees. That’s why we have taken measures to build a culture and mindset of sustainability within our company.

Our Plan for Long-Term Sustainability

In 2020, Timco started a Sustainability Commitment designed to reduce energy dependence, enhance employee quality of life, contribute to society, and preserve water and other natural resources. The first step of this process was to create a Mission Statement to emphasize our commitment to be a sustainable company:

Timco Rubber Products, Inc. is committed to deliver complete customer satisfaction, offer opportunities to our employees in a safe environment, and remain profitable in ways that are socially and environmentally responsible.

This new mission challenges Timco further to address climate change and leave Earth a better place for the next generation. Timco conducted a materiality assessment to identify the key impacts of our operations with regards to four main quadrants: the environment, society, our workforce, and the marketplace. These findings led Timco to develop the following long-term strategic sustainability goals:

  • Reduce our waste to landfill by 5 percent
  • Reduce our energy consumption and water usage by 5 percent
  • Require our suppliers establish sustainability goals by 2022
  • Develop a company-wide volunteer project within the community
  • Encourage employee sustainability engagement with training and participation

Quadrant No. 1: The Environment

Timco took several steps to lower the company’s impact on the environment. To start, Timco brought in a recycling dumpster and several recycling bins to encourage more recycling efforts. Everyone at Timco underwent training to learn what can be recycled to help limit total waste from our company.

Another step was to replace disposable items with reusable ones. Timco purchased reusable water bottles for all employees and installed water coolers through our facility to stop the use of plastic bottles. Timco also invested in reusable dishes, silverware, and dish towels for the staff. In addition, Timco took steps to use recycled paper for physical files and store more documents electronically while reusing emptied boxes from the assembly process to ship outgoing parts.

The next part of our environmental efforts was to reduce our energy consumption and water use. An energy audit led Timco to invest in efficient LED lighting, add motion detection lights, and implement procedures to power down electronics when not in use. Toilets and faucets are set to be replaced with water-saving features. Meanwhile, Timco employees are trained on the importance of conserving energy and water and what they can do to reduce their impact on the environment.

Quadrant No. 2: The Marketplace

While Timco’s sustainability initiatives start within our walls, they also extend throughout our supply chain. Each of Timco’s suppliers are chosen to both meet our customer’s expectations and promote environmental and social contribution activities. As such, these suppliers can help Timco provide a high standard of quality while promoting safety and environmentally conscious efforts.

To achieve this goal, Timco suppliers are required to develop a sustainability program by 2022. In turn, Timco will prioritize suppliers that have sustainability initiatives when awarding new business. These suppliers must also provide parts that are RoHs (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) compliant and conflict minerals free (tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold mined in the DRC).

Quadrant No. 3: The Workforce

Another major sustainability initiative is to create a work environment where employees can use their talents to the fullest while promoting occupational safety and health. Timco actively supports volunteering efforts. We also appreciate and respect individual personalities and values, all while promoting workplace diversity. These efforts have a direct positive impact on both the business operations and the community, allowing Timco to support our employees and enable greater employee retention.

Timco also aims to create workplace sustainability through the promotion of occupational safety, health, personal and professional development in addition to the overall well-being of each employee. All Timco employees, including top management, are required to complete 20 hours of training a year for either professional or personal goals.

Safety and health are also key to maintaining engaged employees. Semi-annual quality meetings allow Timco to measure and report on successfully implemented projects while our Continuous Improvement Project encourages employees to make suggestions that would improve processes or safety. Timco complies with all labor laws, human rights, and OSHA requirements and keeps regular track of safety record. Finally, all employees receive monthly health newsletters monthly and annual safety and CPR training.

Quadrant No. 4: Society

Timco’s dedication to sustainability also extends to our entire community. This relationship is why Timco actively sponsors volunteer initiatives and gives employees time off with pay to participate on community projects. Completed projects are recorded from start to finish and shared with all Timco employees to celebrate the project and increase awareness opportunities to help the community.

Timco also encourages employees to volunteer for programs that are important to them. All time taken for volunteer efforts is recorded for each employee. These employees can then share their experience at the monthly staff meeting to promote how being involved in the community makes a difference.