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Add Value to Your Custom Rubber and Plastic Parts Through Assemblies and Kits

Posted by Zack Jordan
Add Value to Your Custom Rubber and Plastic Parts Through Assemblies and Kits

Good parts are crucial for your applications, but they’re just a piece of the production puzzle. Once you receive new custom rubber or plastic parts, it’s not uncommon to have to bundle them together with other parts or add pieces to assist with installation. This process can require more time and labor, which in turn delays your ability to sell your finished product.

Fortunately, many of these tasks can be completed before you first receive your new parts. Timco offers assembling and kitting services that prepare your parts ahead of time to help save your business time, money, and provide other benefits. These services come in a variety of forms, including the following.

Assembling Parts with Labels and Clamps

Whether you need labels for trackability during assembly or for quick identification, we can help. We use a pneumatic machine with a compressor to quickly add a variety of labels to your part.

For example, you may have a four-sided tube that requires a sticker label to show a scannable bar code from multiple sides or a tube with a label that wraps around the part and sticks out for ease of identification. Our pneumatic machine allows us to apply these sticker labels more efficiently than a normal worker at your facility. This means you receive quality parts and cut out a step of your production process in one fell swoop.

Like labels, it’s common for hoses or other parts to need clamps before assembly. We can add these clamps to your parts before shipping them to your facility. As with labels, this gives your works completed components, which allows them to focus on other tasks instead of spending time on clamp application.

A custom rubber hose assembled with a label to aid installation and part tracking.

Bagging Parts

In addition to providing quality parts, Timco can bag them together to help during final assembly. Whether you need a group of 10, 50, or some other amount, we can cluster your specific parts into the same bag so that you can send those bags straight to the line so your workers can take them and assemble them.

Organizing set numbers of parts into bags has a few benefits. First, it maintains consistency and helps prevent parts from going missing or having line workers miss a placement. Second, bags with labels on them improve part identification, which can streamline assembly. Third, bagged parts can be used for retail purposes. At Timco, we can include branded line cards into parts bags for replacement parts or other items that will eventually be sold on shelves. By having these parts already bagged and branded, you shorten the process of receiving parts and getting them ready for sale.

Kitting Components

Kitting is basically a culmination of the services listed above, except that it deals with multiple assemblies instead of a single part. With a kit, not only are multiple parts outfitted with clamps, labels, and other pieces, we can organize multiple parts into bags to make sure your team has everything it needs for assembly is gathered together in one place.

Kits offer many of the same benefits as individual assemblies and part bagging, except that it even further reduces the amount of work required on your end. Full kits give your workers finished assemblies that are ready to be applied with adhesives, metal inserts, or other attachment methods. That means you aren’t paying labor costs for people to put on clamps, thread on parts, or other menial tasks. In addition, full kits lower the chances for installation errors by having everything you need in one place with trackable bar code labels.

Invest in More Than Just Rubber or Plastic Components

Your rubber and plastic parts supplier should be able to do more than just provide parts. At Timco, we help you seal the gap between your design and assembly line through value-added services like part assembly and kitting. We work with you to find ways to improve your parts and save you money on top of supplying quality components made for your applications.

Ready to work with a premier supplier? Give us a call at 800-969-6242 or contact us online today to get a quote for your product needs or talk to one of our experts about how we can provide value for your business.