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3 Reasons Why EPDM is the Right Material for Formed Drain Hoses

Posted by Randy Dahlke
3 Reasons Why EPDM is the Right Material for Formed Drain Hoses

Drain hoses play a critical role for residential furnaces, but not every material is built to drain liquid condensate out of these units. In the past, OEMs steered towards neoprene or nitrile due to their natural flame and oil resistance qualities, but another material quickly became a go-to solution for drain hoses: EPDM rubber.

As a tough, high-density synthetic rubber, EPDM boasts a variety of qualities that make it a natural fit to deal with flue gas condensate and other environmental concerns. Let’s break down why EPDM is a great material choice for drain hoses.

EPDM Provides Acidity, Ozone, and Heat Resistance

One of the most notable benefits of EPDM is that it is an extremely tough rubber material. EPDM offers excellent resistance to weather, heat, and – very importantly for drain hoses – acidity. Flue gas condensate is highly acidic by nature, but EPDM’s acid-resistant qualities allow it to come in contact with condensate without breaking down over time.

Another advantage of EPDM is its natural ozone resistance. Ozone exposure is a typical concern for components within HVAC units, and EPDM protects against the ill effects of both acidity and weathering. Certain HVAC units also require a certain degree of temperature resistance. In these cases, EPDM can hold up to the temperature exposure that is part of being in a residential gas furnace.

EPDM Offers Process Flexibility

If you want manufacturing options, EPDM is a very process-friendly material that can be easily molded, formed, and extruded. That’s a very attractive quality when investing in drain hoses. We can also mold EPDM with different convolutes in the walls that allow them to bend and fit the construct of your furnace. Depending on the construct of the furnace, this level of processability allows you to find the best, most cost-effective means of manufacturing drain tubes for your exact needs.

EPDM is a Less Expensive Alternative to Other Drain Hose Materials

Speaking of cost-effective options, EPDM is much more favorable than neoprene from a cost profile standpoint. However, it offers potential savings without sacrificing quality. A good combination of high-level performance capabilities and economic viability makes EPDM a win-win solution for drain hoses.

Invest in the Right Drain Hoses for Your HVAC Units

While EPDM is a great solution for HVAC drain hoses, material selection is only one piece of the proverbial puzzle. As a premier HVAC rubber parts supplier, Timco works directly with your team to identify a part solution that addresses your specific design and budgetary needs. Give us a call at 800-969-6242 or contact us online today to get a quote for your product needs.