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Rubber Parts for Appliances & HVAC

Whether for isolating sound and vibration or to withstand extreme temperatures, Timco Rubber Products offers a variety of materials for the appliance and HVAC markets.

EPDM and neoprene feature ozone and UV resistance, with neoprene also offering resistance to some oils. Both materials are good for outdoor applications that require vibration and noise reduction. Timco’s square tubing was developed to eliminate kinking when bent and affixed to a hose barb fitting and is an ideal solution for pressure switches in residential furnace environments. Silicone rubber material is used in extreme high and low-temperature applications, primarily in lower efficiency furnaces where high heat around pressure switches can be an issue. EPDM provides vibration and noise reduction in higher efficiency furnaces where heat is less of a concern. Pressure switch tubing is also available in round OD/ID configuration in both EPDM and silicone.