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HVAC Gaskets: 4 Factors That Impact Part Selection

Posted by Doug Wheatcraft
HVAC Gaskets: 4 Factors That Impact Part Selection

When your business needs rubber gaskets for HVAC units, it’s important to find the right parts for your performance needs and budget. The tricky part of this search is that there’s no single gasket solution for every application.

There are a variety of factors that directly impact your HVAC gasketing needs. These various pain points will influence which materials and manufacturing methods are best for your parts. Let’s break down your material options and the factors that will dictate which type of HVAC gasket is right for your business.

HVAC Gasket Materials

There are multiple material options that are common solutions for HVAC gaskets. These materials include:

Each of these materials offers different benefits. Your part needs and material options will also dictate whether your HVAC gaskets should be die cut, molded, or extruded. The answer of which of these materials and manufacturing methods are right for your application largely depends on a few criteria.

4 Factors That Impact Your HVAC Gaskets

Temperature requirements

Your exact temperature needs are a major factor in HVAC gasket selection. For example, a gasket near your burner box will need to withstand higher heats than a part that’s located near the exterior of the side of the furnace.

The exact material needs depend on your exact temperature range. If that range is more than 300 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll need a silicone gasket. Silicone is the go-to choice for any parts that demand extreme temperature resistance. If your temperature range starts to dip below 275 degrees, you have a few more options like EPDM.

Outdoor applications

Another potential pain point for rubber HVAC parts is exposure to the elements. Different materials have better ozone and UV resistances than others. Using the right type of material will help ensure that your HVAC gaskets will hold up over time for commercial rooftop units and other outdoor applications.

In terms of gaskets that are used for the exterior of units, EPDM is a great choice. This material is excellent at dealing with sunlight and weathering. It’s also a more cost-effective material, making it a good option if the elements are your main concern for these parts.

Compression set

The frequency of access can also impact which rubber gasket is right for your needs. For example, a door seal for a panel that people will regularly open and close have different compression set needs than parts with less frequent use.

A material’s compression set can make it a more viable option for non-static use. These types of applications will require your gasket material to essentially bounce back when a panel door is open. Materials with poor compression set will remain flattened and create a sealing problem for that particular part of your HVAC unit. Options such as EPDM, neoprene, and other compounds can be formulated to address these sealing issues and make sure your gaskets will stay effective even in high-use applications.


Identifying the right HVAC gaskets is about more than just finding what works for you your performance needs – it’s about uncovering the best, most-cost effective solution for your business.

Figuring out the most valuable HVAC gaskets for your needs combines all the aforementioned factors into one puzzle. If you do have high-temperature needs, silicone is well worth the investment. If you have some wiggle room and only need heat resistance up to 275 degrees, EPDM is a much more cost-effective approach that won’t sacrifice on performance.

Value also extends beyond material selection as well. The manufacturing method also plays a direct role in your gasket costs, whether that’s a die cut part or an extrusion that’s cut to length. There are a variety of factors that will dictate which method is best for your need, including volume, material thickness, and other criteria.

Invest in the Best, Most Cost-Effective HVAC Gaskets for Your Business

It’s important to get the right parts at the right price. At Timco, we can help you find an HVAC gasket solution that’s best for your performance needs and budget.

Our experts work with you to identify exactly what your parts need to succeed. Every project starts with a thorough examination to nail down everything from your material to the right adhesive. Give us a call at 800-969-6242 or contact us online to get a quote for your project today.