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Timco Honors Founding Fathers with Tree Dedication

Posted by Joe Hoffman

After more than 60 years in business, Timco Rubber constantly thinks ahead to manage ever-changing supply chains and provide high-quality, high-performance parts for our customers. However, that forward-thinking approach doesn’t mean we forget our past.

On May 21, 2021, Timco honored the memory of founding fathers Nick Kuzmick and Vince Goodpaster with a special tree dedication ceremony. Nick and Vince established Timco in 1956 to provide personalized service, reliable expertise, and custom-engineered parts for businesses in need of both value and top notch care. However, their impact extends well beyond our services.

A Foundation for the Future

Without Nick and Vince, there is no Timco. Timco began when Nick borrowed $500 from his sister to purchase one wooden desk and rent office space. Those humble beginnings evolved into a multimillion dollar business built on solid relationships with customers and treated employees with dignity and respect.

All through Timco’s history, the company has grown in large part to the long-standing business values of Timco's founders. Timco strives to serve as more than just a supplier – we aim to develop true partnerships with customers and help them find the best solution for their needs.

Nick and Vince also created an environment that supported not only Timco’s employees, but also the community around the company. Timco feels a responsibility to bring positive, measurable change to our community and for our employees.

Commemorating the Past

That desire to be active, responsible supporters both within our walls and in Northeast Ohio at large is still prevalent today long after Nick and Vince laid the foundation for our company culture. Vince passed in 1974 while still active with Timco, while Nick retired in 1991 and passed in 2008.

Although both men are gone, they are certainly not forgotten. Timco planted a pair of flowering Bartlett pear trees on Timco’s lawn, each adorned with a plaque. These trees serve as an appropriate symbol because of how important Nick and Vince’s roots were for Timco’s growth. In addition, Bartlett pear trees are low maintenance, just like Timco’s founding fathers.

After the tree dedication, Timco followed a tradition set by Nick and Vince – a company cookout. The ceremony and cookout were attended by the current Timco team and Nick’s children, including former Owner and President Jim Kuzmick and his wife Linda, Nick’s oldest daughter Karen Merkle, and the recently retired CEO John Kuzmick.

As we remember our past, Timco continues to plan for the future. With Nick and Vince’s trees planted firmly in front of our business, we can ensure that seeds they planted back in 1956 continue to grow for another 60-plus years.