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Custom Rubber Elevator Astragals

When you need precision-made elevator astragals, Timco can help. Our experts work with businesses to design and provide both standard astragal profiles and custom rubber astragals built to your exact specifications.

Precision-Made Moulding Astragals for Elevators

At Timco, we strive to identify and supply the perfect rubber materials for your products. For moulding astragals, we use a specially formulated neoprene rubber. This cost-effective polymer combines good all-around performance properties with a UL-VO Flame Rating to help slow down the passage of smoke and flames in case of a fire.

Our experts also endeavor to design astragals that are manufactured to your precise specifications. We can customize hole and slot locations within the astragal and adjust cut lengths as necessary. Your applications deserve quality, and our team can deliver quality, cost-effective astragal mouldings for your elevators.

Interested in quality, cost-effective rubber elevator astragals?

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