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Custom Extruded Plastic Tubing

When your applications demand high-quality, cost-effective plastic tubing, Timco Rubber is here to help. Timco has supplied businesses with custom-engineered and standard parts since 1956. Partner with Timco today to have our team design and provide the perfect extruded plastic tubing for your applications.

Our Extruded Plastic Tubing Capabilities

There is no one-tube-fits-all solution. Every application demands different qualities from its plastic tubing. Our experts work closely with businesses to ensure that we supply the correct tubing for their needs.

Every Timco client goes through a thorough process to properly analyze their needs and identify exactly what needs to be done to ensure the quality and success of the tubing. This information allows us to design extruded plastic tubing manufactured specifically for your applications. Whether you have to address specific design challenges or environmental issues, we have the expertise and partnerships it takes to create custom-designed extrusions for your business.

A major part of this promise is that we have the capabilities it takes to address your design requirements. Timco maintains close relationships with extruded rubber tubing manufacturers across the country, allowing us to address your exact design needs. These capabilities include:

  • Different cross section shapes (circular, square, oval, rectangular, and custom designs)
  • Wide range of widths and thicknesses
  • Straight and form-cured extrusions
  • Various options for colors and transparencies, such as extruded clear plastic tubing
  • Specialty extrusion dies, splicing molds, and corner molds
  • Cut-to-length
  • In-line marking, notching, hole punching, and slitting.

Available Extruded Plastic Tubing Materials


Extruded plastic tubing made with PVC.

The material you use can make or break the success of your tubing. There are a variety of plastic tubing materials available for extrusion, and there are several factors that will impact which is best for your application.

The best, most cost-effective plastic tubing needs to meet multiple criteria – specific temperature ranges, material resistances, and other factors will directly impact which type of plastic compound is best for your needs. Timco takes the guesswork out of this process by matching your performance and design criteria to recommend the most cost-effective plastic material or custom formation. Our range of plastic tubing materials include:

Markets Served

From extruded plastic square tubing for outdoor lighting displays to flexible, medical-grade parts, different industries require specific solutions. Timco has decades of experience supplying high-wuality custom plastic tubing made with your industry in mind. That includes delivering custom tubing for the following markets:

Regardless of your market, every part your need should meet our exceed your industry’s standards. Our experts investigate every pain point and performance requirement to uncover a solution that not only addresses the needs of your market, but also the specific requirements of your application and its environment.

A Value-Added Extruded Plastic Tubing Partner

When Timco was founded in 1956, we held the belief that supplying high-quality, high-performing products were a natural part of the business. However, quality part supply isn’t the only advantage of working with Timco.

We believe that businesses deserved personal, reliable service in addition to the parts themselves. Timco strives to partner with businesses instead of serving as a basic parts vendor. This goal is why we work closely with our customers and provide a variety of value-added services that save them time, money, and internal headaches. These include:

  • Subassembly of rubber parts
  • Kanban replenishment
  • Kit assembly
  • Flexible control methods

Our commitment to customer service also extends to the relationships we’ve built with material suppliers and extruded plastic tubing manufacturers around the country and the globe. Our network of partners enables us access to the best, most cost-effective part solutions for our customers. We’ve also invested in growing our business in ways that add value for our customers whenever they work with us. As such, we can provide the following benefits for our partners.

  • Part accessibility – Our network of suppliers give us greater access to the materials your parts need than standard suppliers.
  • The lowest possible part cost – We can utilize of extensive network to find the most cost-effectives partners to not only provide material, but also manufacture the past you need at the lowest possible worldwide cost.
  • Stocking capabilities – Utilize our resources and inventory management capabilities. Our customers can save space, avoid lengthy lead times, and streamline internal production processes with our stocking program and on-time delivery.

Need quality, cost-effective extruded plastic tubing for your business?

Your company deserves more than just any parts. Our experts can help you invest in the right plastic tubing for both your performance requirements and budget. Call 1-888-754-5136 or complete our online form to request a quote.

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