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Custom Rubber Window Seals for Businesses

When your business needs reliable, cost-effective window seals, Timco is here to help. Timco Rubber has been a trusted supplier of quality custom window seals and other rubber parts since 1956. Our experts work directly with you to provide premium seals based on your exact performance requirements and budget.

Custom Window Seal Solutions Based On Your Needs

There is no single window seal solution for every application. From car windows to home appliances, there are a wide range of applications that require specific characteristics and performance capabilities from their plastic and rubber seals. At Timco, our job is to work with your business to identify these important criteria and identify a standard or custom sealing solution. Those characteristics include:

  • Compression set and elasticity
  • Operating temperature range
  • Ozone, UV, and oil resistance
  • Gas permeability
  • Material weight
  • Sound and vibration dampening capabilities
  • Overall cost-effectiveness
  • Recyclability

Once our experts have this information, they can get to work doing what they do best – designing and supplying your business with the best, most cost-effective sealing products for your exact requirements. Our partnerships with global window seal manufacturers give our team the freedom to custom design rubber and plastic window seals to address your specific design needs, such as:

  • Multiple manufacturing processes (plastic and rubber extrusions, molded rubber, etc.).
  • Coextruded window seals with multiple materials.
  • Precision-made parts that meet tight tolerances for highly-engineered seals and strict sealing needs.
  • Custom and standard diameters, groove depths, and profile shapes (D, E, P, etc.).
  • A wide range of widths and thicknesses.
  • Cut-to-length parts for extruded seals.
  • Parting lines to minimize leak paths.
  • Different color options.
  • Special engravings for textured or branded parts.

Our Available Rubber and Plastic Window Seal Materials

Both window and door seals are only as good as the material their made with. There are numerous factors that impact which material is best-suited for your exact design needs and environmental challenges. Fortunately for our customers, Timco has extensive experience supplying parts made with a wide range of rubber and plastic materials.

Whether you need custom extruded rubber seals or a special formulation, we can thoroughly analyze your needs to recommend the most effective material. Timco’s personalized process allows us to identify the right compound for your application to ensure that you not only invest in high quality window seals, but also that you aren’t paying more than you need to for your performance requirements. Our range of extruded rubber tubing materials include:

Window Seals for Multiple Markets

Window seals in one market can pose different challenges than those in another. No matter you market, our experts strive to design and supply quality products designed around your industry’s standards and operating challenges. We have decades of experience delivering custom window seals and other plastic and rubber products for the following markets:

A Value-Added Custom Window Seal Supplier

At Timco, we think the best suppliers provide more than just parts for their customers. We were founded on the belief that anyone who works with Timco deserve both quality parts and personalized service. We strive to be a true single-source solution that partners with you for excellent parts and several value-added services that save your business time, money, and internal headaches. These include:

  • Subassembly of rubber parts
  • Kanban replenishment
  • Kit assembly
  • Flexible control methods

Timco also strives to add value through internal investments. We’ve expanded our warehouse to keep up with demand and assist with our client’s inventory needs. We’ve also built a network of relationships with material suppliers and window seal manufacturers around the world to give our partners access to the best, most cost-effective part solutions. These measures mean that we can pass on the following benefits to our customers.

  • Part accessibility – We maintain greater access to the materials needed to make your parts than other suppliers.
  • The lowest possible part cost – Our partnerships allow us to identify the best deals, allowing us to maintain the lowest possible worldwide cost for your rubber parts.
  • Stocking capabilities – Use our added warehouse space to save space, avoid lengthy lead times, and streamline internal production processes through our stocking program and on-time delivery services.

Need quality, cost-effective window seals for your business?

Let us uncover the best, most cost effective parts for your application. Call 1-888-754-5136 or complete our online form to request a quote.

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