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Custom Hard Rubber Tubing and Hoses

Timco supplies businesses with custom hard rubber tubing and hoses made specifically for their performance needs and budget. We have partnered with businesses to provide them with custom rubber parts since 1956 and can help you uncover the best, most cost-effective tubing solution for your applications. Contact us today to get a quote for custom hard rubber tubing and hoses.

Timco: Quality Hard Rubber Tubing Made to Your Specifications

Don’t settle for substandard parts when you need a better solution. Timco takes a team approach to addressing performance requirements and design needs. We work closely with you to custom engineer rubber tubing and hoses and deliver the parts your business needs.

Hard rubber tubing designed to perform

Every single Timco customer goes through an engineer review to identify compound requirements, environmental factors, and any other criteria that impact your custom tubes and hoses. This process allows us to cater to your exact needs and ensure high performance and longer part life. Different part capabilities include:

  • Oil, solvent, and chemical resistance
  • Abrasion and tear resistance
  • Aging and weathering capabilities for outdoor tubing
  • Required temperature ranges
  • Durometer, tensile strength, compression set, and elongation
  • Adhesion to metals
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Flame retardant
  • Food safety criteria

Custom tubing and hoses for unique applications

Your parts don’t have to look like everyone else’s tubing and hoses. We can design parts for numerous manufacturing processes and other part features. Whether you need a special part design for performance, convenience, or branding we can modify your hard rubber tubing and hoses in the following ways:

  • Custom rubber and plastic extrusions
  • Coextrusions with multiple materials
  • Precision-manufacturing for tight tolerances and highly engineered tubes
  • Multiple shapes, thicknesses, and profile extrusions
  • Cut-to-length tubing
  • Engravings for textured or branded tubing
  • Colorable or clear tubes and hosing

Our Hard Rubber Tubing and Hosing Materials

The right material choice is a critical part of supplying the best, most cost-effective hard rubber tubing and hoses. Timco experts closely analyze your part drawings and specifications to recommend the right compound, whether it’s a custom formulation or a regularly available material. Our selection of rubber for hard tubing and hoses include:

Hard Rubber Tubing: Markets We Serve

Between industry regulations, operating environments, and other requirements, each market can pose different challenges for hard rubber tubing and hoses. Our custom engineering review allows us to tailor your parts around various industry criteria so that your business gets the hosing and tubing it needs when it needs it. Our dedication to quality parts a trusted tubing supplier for the following industries:

Timco: More Than Just a Hard Rubber Tubing Supplier

Timco was founded in 1956 on the belief that supplying high-quality, high-performing rubber products was just part of the job. Businesses deserve more than just parts, so we strive to provide complete solutions by combining personal service with reliable expertise.

As a single-source partner, our goal is to be the only hard rubber tubing supplier your business needs. We do everything we can to make your life simple when you need new rubber parts. That promise includes providing several value-added services to help your business save time and money:

  • Subassembly of rubber parts
  • Kanban replenishment
  • Kit assembly
  • Flexible control methods

Our partners also benefit from all the other relationships and investments we’ve made since 1956. These additions allow us to better serve our customers through the following benefits:

  • In-house stocking program – We’ve invested in extra warehouse space so that you don’t have to. Keep your extra inventory with us and receive the parts you need through our stocking program and on-time delivery service.
  • Part accessibility – We can offer up more options for sourcing rubber materials thanks to our diverse global and domestic supply chain.
  • Cost-effective part solutions – Our review process allows us to compare available materials and logistics options and deliver a solution that offers the best value for your performance needs and budget.

Invest in the right hard rubber tubing for your business

We can supply your business with the best, most cost-effective rubber parts for your applications. Call 1-888-754-5136 or complete our online form to request a quote.

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