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Custom Viton Seals for Your Business

Timco Rubber supplies businesses with high-quality Viton seals made to survive tough environments. We work directly with businesses to supply them with the custom seals they need for environments with fuel, oil, or corrosive materials. Reach out to our team today to invest in the seals your business needs to succeed.

Viton (FKM) Seals Made for Concentrated Acids, Oils, Chemicals, and Other Challenges

There is no single sealing solution for every application. When your seals need to survive acids, fuels, and other harsh substances, it’s essential to invest in seals designed to endure over time. That includes investing in a high-performance material like Viton (a fluoroelastomer also known as FKM).

Timco Rubber works closely with your business to design and supply seals that address your exact needs. That includes providing premium Viton rubber seals that can handle demanding environments such as high-temperature applications, and atmospheric oxidation, and more. Viton seals address those issues thanks to the following performance capabilities:

  • Excellent solvent and oil resistance.
  • Excellent chemical resistance, including compatibility with vegetable oils, alcohols, and diluted acids.
  • Excellent resistance to aging and sunlight.
  • Good resistance to tearing and abrasions.
  • Good compression set.
  • Tensile strength range of 500-2,000 PSI.
  • Max elongation of 300%.
  • Able to withstand temperatures ranging from -10 to 600°F (-23 to 315°C).

Our experts also help you address any design challenges your face. An FKM seal for an aerospace application is going to be a lot different than one for a car, and we have the experts and manufacturing partners to accommodate your needs. That includes being able to address the following options and opportunities when it comes to custom engineering your Viton seals:

  • The ability to manufacture Viton seals in multiple ways (custom molding, die cutting, extrusions, etc.).
  • Coextruded Viton seals made with one of many other plastic or rubber materials.
  • Precision manufacturing capabilities to address tight tolerances for highly-engineered seals and strict sealing.
  • Custom and standard diameters, groove depths, and profile shapes (D, E, P, etc.) for specific seal designs.
  • The ability to accommodate a wide range of widths and thicknesses.
  • Seals cut to a specific length for applications or easier shipping and bundling.
  • Added parting lines to minimize leak paths.
  • Optional part engravings for added texture or branding purposes.

Custom-Engineered Viton (FKM) Seals for Multiple Markets

Every industry faces different challenges, which is why Timco strives to learn the ins and outs of your applications and determine the best, most cost-effective sealing solution for your needs. We can custom design Viton seals to accommodate your exact needs, whether that calls for sourcing FKM materials that meet FDA requirements for food and pharmaceutical applications or comply with strict environmental regulations to prevent chemical processing spills and other issues.

No matter your industry, our experts can identify, design, and supply your business with Viton seals formulated to meet your industry-specific requirements. We have decades of experience supplying a wide variety of markets with custom rubber and plastic parts, including the following:

A Value-Added Viton Seal Supplier

Investing in the best parts for your application is important, but it’s not the only service your parts supplier should offer. Timco has served as a single-source parts solution since we were founded in 1956. We were founded on the belief that every business deserves both quality parts and personalized service, which is why we provide our partners with several value-added services to save them time and money, including:
• Subassembly of rubber parts
• Kanban replenishment
• Kit assembly
• Flexible control methods
• In-house stocking program and on-time delivery

Timco also offers your business added value through our extensive partnerships with seal manufacturers and material suppliers. We’ve developed our network of domestic and global partners over the decades, and these partnerships allow us to pass on the following benefits to you:

  • Greater part accessibility – Our network of suppliers allow us maintain greater access to Viton and other materials than any other parts supplier across the country.
  • The lowest possible part cost – We can identify the best source for the Viton you need, allowing us to maintain the lowest possible worldwide cost for your seals.

Invest in quality Viton seals for your business

Let us help you invest in the best, most cost effective parts for your applications. Call 1-888-754-5136 or complete our online form to request a quote.

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